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Commercial And Residential Epoxy Floor Coatings In Minnesota 

5 Star Epoxy Floor Coatings

If you are looking for a durable and seamless flooring solution, we provide state of the art epoxy floor coatings for commercial businesses and residentail homes. The Concrete Guy is the premier epoxy floor coating contractor located in Eden Prairie and serving all of Minnesota. We help property owners update the look of their space with durable epoxy flooring systems. Our team is experienced, professional, and consultative in our approach. We offer environmentally friendly epoxy flake, metallic, glitter, urethane cement, epoxy cove base, single color, grit additive epoxy, and many more options.

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Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy coatings create a high-gloss surface. You will see a 150% increase in brightness in the area where you have an epoxy floor present. When working with interior floors, we offer satin finishes. Epoxy is very easy to maintain and clean. There won’t be any mold or mildew growing in seams or joints between epoxy floors are completely seamless. There also won’t be any unhealthy spores collecting on the floor as they do in carpet. Epoxy floors are completely customizable. Your options truly are limitless with the number of color options and coating systems available. Epoxy floors can last a lifetime. When you choose The Concrete Guy, there won’t be a need for yearly reapplications that are usually necessary with DIY coatings, because you are working with a well-qualified contractor that always uses quality materials. With the proper upkeep, and depending on the elements your floor is exposed to, you can enjoy the epoxied floor for years to come. Even floors that get beat up daily may only need occasional re-coatings to keep it looking like the epoxy was laid yesterday. Epoxy floors are antimicrobial. This means that they are resistant to mold, dust, allergens, and dirt. Because of this feature, epoxy is often the preferred choice when it comes to a new finish for your concrete.
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Different Types Of Epoxy Applications

Metallic Designer Epoxy living space

Epoxy Floors for Homeowners

Do you want to finish your home using epoxy? Finishing a concrete slab has never been easier or more in-style than it is right now. You will be able to add decorative flair to your home when you choose an epoxy floor finish that matches the rest of the decor. You can build an eye-popping design with our many epoxy options, including metallic epoxy and epoxy flake.

Retail Epoxy Floors

Retail Epoxy Flooring

Cafe's, Boutiques, Medical centers, schools, museums, commercial kitchens, warehouses, imaging centers, retail storefronts, sporting facilities, and many other places choose epoxy flooring for their floor finishing needs. A commercial epoxy floor is approved by the FDA, will last a lifetime, and is antimicrobial.

Commercial Epoxy Floors

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Large industrial properties like warehouses, airport hangars, and other facilities that see large machinery use the floors are choosing epoxy flooring over all other options in Eden Prairie and throughout Minnesota. Floors finished with our epoxy product are easy to maintain, repel dust and dirt, and last a lifetime. We have the ability to use different colors when we finish the epoxy floors to designate safety zones, traffic zones, and other important areas so you are in compliance with OSHA standards.

garage coating

Epoxy Garage Flooring

No matter where you are located in Minnesota, the epoxy garage flooring is an excellent option for both homes and businesses. Our experienced and trusted team uses an epoxy system that is applied to your concrete floor after we grind down the concrete using diamond grits. This method will prevent you from having to replace your floors in five years and will add value to your home.

Rustic-Wood epoxy designs

Decorative Concrete Coatings

Custom concrete floors for your business, restaurant, retail shop, warehouse, and more! We have indoor and outdoor solutions for all your commercial needs.

Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchens And High Traffic Floors

Commercial Kitchens, Veterinarian clinics and hospitals all require antimicrobial floors and heavy duty high build flooring systems. We have multiple different systems that work with these environments.

Type Of Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Floor Coating Product Choices

Even though your options are limitless, you shouldn’t get overwhelmed by this fact. Our team knows which combinations work best for your type of property and the floor already installed. We will walk you through the entire process during the consultation so you know which route to take. Here is a brief guide regarding the choices available:

Flake Epoxy System
We use an industrial grinder or shot blasting procedure followed by a 100% solids vapor barrier. After we apply the vapor barrier we apply flake and either a clear epoxy topcoat or a polyaspartic top coat depending on the needs of the floor. The floor becomes resistant to stains when we apply a top coat, which also makes the floor very durable. The flakes can be substituted for glitter if you want a design that really shines.
Quartz Epoxy System
The quartz epoxy floor system from The Concrete Guy is the best option available for commercial kitchens and floors that will take a beating from high traffic. Do you own an auto garage? This flooring option is your best choice. This system involves concrete prep, epoxy application, quartz broadcast, a second coat of epoxy followed by another quartz broadcast, and a polyaspartic topcoat. This is one of the most durable floors that exist.
Urethane Cement
Urethane cement is many times the perfect flooring solution for industrial manufacturing or storage facilities or even a car wash that has chemicals and water on it all day. We prep the concrete, apply urethane cement, broadcast quartz, add a coat of epoxy, apply a second quartz broadcast followed by a polyaspartic top coat.
Solid Color Epoxy
The solid color epoxy floor system from the Concrete Guy is a system that utilizes a combination of 100% solid industrial-grade epoxy, a moisture/vapor barrier, and a clear or pigmented polyaspartic topcoat. You will often find this flooring option in large industrial complexes and warehouses. Traction can be added to the floor for more safety.
Metallic Epoxy System
The metallic epoxy floor system from the Concrete Guy can make your floor look like a piece of artwork. This system is a 3-coat metallic epoxy system that features multiple pigmented epoxy colors mixed together, a moisture/vapor barrier, and an urethane/polyaspartic topcoat. This method helps make concrete flooring look like marble.
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Our trained experts can handle jobs of any size and budget, large or small, and give you the exacting attention and service you deserve. Our family has been local to Minnesota and in the concrete business for generations. We have trained professionals in all facets of epoxy flooring who can help you from start to finish, we really are your one-stop-shop for all things related to retail epoxy flooring. The Concrete Guy is dedicated to providing every customer we work with with the satisfaction they deserve. Whether your flooring project is at your home or your business, large or small, our experienced and trusted team can tackle it in a timely manner. We will work with you through the entire process so that your vision shines through to a beautiful and durable epoxy floor coating or polished concrete surface.

Whether you are moving into a new space, remodeling, doing a build-out, or just want to freshen up your floors – you can count on us to get the job done anywhere in Minnesota.

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Epoxy Floor Coating FAQs

Epoxy coatings create a high-gloss surface. You will see a 150% increase in brightness in the area where you have an epoxy floor present. When working with interior floors, we offer satin finishes. Epoxy is very easy to maintain and clean. There won’t be any mold or mildew growing in seams or joints between epoxy floors are completely seamless. There also won’t be any unhealthy spores collecting on the floor as they do in carpet. Epoxy floors are completely customizable. Your options truly are limitless with the number of color options and coating systems available.

If you opt for epoxy from a home improvement store or a painter, it won’t last too long. If you have a 100% industrial epoxy floor installed by the Concrete Guy, you can expect it to last a lifetime.

An epoxy floor can be installed in any of the following locations and then some:

  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Cafeterias
  • Hotels
  • Lobbies
  • Showrooms
  • Industrial Plants
  • Homes
  • Kitchens
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Garages
  • Patios
  • Homes
  • Retail and Shopping Centers
  • Gyms
  • Nuclear plants

Yes, we can apply an anti-slip coating to the epoxy floor system installed at your home or business.

An epoxy floor with a single color can start at $5 per square foot. The options you choose can increase the price range to $12-$15 per square foot for an epoxy floor system.

The global epoxy resin research report has found that the epoxy industry is exploding. This helps to explain why epoxy flooring has become so popular among flooring contractors throughout Minnesota and The Concrete Guy has been there from the beginning. More and more home and business owners are selecting epoxy flooring because of its durability and recent innovations that increase its appeal. In recent years, epoxy flooring has offered polyaspartic topcoats, which are mixed with quartz so that the floors become nearly indestructible.

Big box home improvement stores in Minnesota sell “epoxy flooring kits”, you will be surprised to find out that these kits are nowhere near comparable to the process we use for flooring. The epoxy chemical is mixed with acrylic paint which weakens the epoxy and makes it extremely susceptible to peeling. Our processes are 100% epoxy solid coatings. The kits you find in these stores are made of paint and an epoxy additive. We also use industrial-grade machines when grinding concrete floors. If the concrete isn’t grinded down prior to the epoxy application, then the epoxy never truly bonds to the concrete which is also another reason for peeling. Whether the floor is in a high-traffic or rarely-used area, we will ensure that the finished product is to your satisfaction.

Wave goodbye to your dusty, deteriorating, ugly, and pitting concrete, and say hello to your brand new oil/chemical/abrasion/gas/ and water-resistant floors. Contact The Concrete Guy today so we can help you pick the right epoxy flooring options for your home or business.

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Hi, my name is Matt Hague and my grandfather owned one of the oldest poured concrete businesses in Minnesota. The Concrete Guy continues our families legacy through concrete epoxy coating applications. If you are in the twin cities, we proudly service the following areas:

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