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How Much Does Garage Floor Coating Cost?

How Much Does Garage Floor Coating Cost
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A beautiful garage floor is one of the desires of every homeowner. As exciting as upgrading a garage floor can be, there’s always a concern about the cost. Many homeowners are often curious about how much garage floor coating costs.

The cost of garage coating is often influenced by the size of the garage, the condition of the concrete, the amount of moisture under the concrete slabs, the duration you want the coating to last, and the type of coating you intend to use. Although there isn’t a fixed price for garage floor coating, the average cost of a single-bay garage coating ranges from $1,200-$3500 depending on the type of epoxy system that is applied.

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The Types Of Garage Floor Coating

There are several types of garage floor coating available; however, we will be listing some of the most common types.

  1. Epoxy Garage Floor: Epoxy floor coating is often the first option homeowners turn to when taking the DIY route in floor coating. They are not just easy to install but also relatively cheap compared to other floor coatings. The epoxy coating offers home improvement in decor and a serviceable job protecting your garage floor.
  2. Stained Concrete: Stained concrete is often used for a purely decorative appearance. They add colors to the garage’s floor surface. Stained concrete garage coating is usually water-and acid-based. To improve the garage floor protection when going for a stained concrete coating, a sealer topcoat can be applied over the stained surface. This improves floor protection as well as improves the appearance of the stain, making it stand out.
  3. Concrete Floor Sealant: Concrete floor sealant comes in solvent and water-based options. They improve the appearance of a garage floor and prevent stains on the floor.  The solvent-based coating offers better protection and duration; however, it puts toxins in the air when applied. The water-based coating, on the other hand, puts fewer toxins into the air when used. 
  4. Metallic Epoxy Floor: Metallic epoxy floors use multiple different colors and are mixed together to form a designer epoxy floor. These systems are more a work of art than a regular flooring system.
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Why Epoxy On Your Garage Floor Is The Best Option

Epoxy floor coating offers a strong and thicker coat than ordinary paint. It is one of the most durable finishes you can apply to your garage floor. Metallic epoxy floor coating hardens and thickens a garage floor, providing a coating that can withstand stains, chemical and surface abrasion. So with this coating, you don’t have to worry about your garage floor chipping.

Average Cost For Epoxy Installation

Epoxy floor coating costs between $3-and $7 per square feet, depending on the epoxy used—a garage floor coating using epoxy ranges from $750 to $4,928 for both materials and installation.

Benefits Of Stained Concrete

There are several reasons why you should go for stained concrete coating, they offer homeowners an opportunity to be aesthetic with the floor design. Stained concrete can be created in different textures from leather, marble, wood, and natural stone in a variety of colors.

They provide fade-resistant and permanent color to your floor. The color won’t peel away or flake off. Stained concrete coatings are also highly versatile, you can go for any design of your choice within your budget.

Average Cost To Stain Concrete

Stain concrete coating costs between $7 to $15 per square footage. To install, contractors charge between $2 to $4 per square foot for a simple stain concrete design and $12-$25 per square foot for a high-end stained concrete design.

When Concrete Floor Sealant Is The Best Option

Sealants on garage floors are a short term fix and don’t work for an extended period of time. Sealant on a concrete floor is similar to paint and will only stand up fo a short amount of time.  Concrete floor sealant coating makes cleaning easy, it also protects the surface against damage deterioration from water and surface abrasion. This isn’t a wear and tear coating, the concrete floor sealant is usually used before selling a house for a quick cleanup that costs a few bucks.

Average Cost Of Concrete Sealant

Purchasing the concrete sealant coating cost between $0.10 to $0.75 per square foot. Most Concrete sealants are DIY friendly, which means you can install them yourself with the right tools and time. However, if you prefer to hire a contractor, it will cost $1.25 to 1.75 per square foot.

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Choosing a suitable garage floor coating is vital in every home. If not properly done, you will have a not-so-pleasing garage floor in your hands, plus, when the wrong coating is selected, the floor is left exposed to damage, which is why we offer the highest quality when it comes to garage floor coating from the start to finish.

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