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Have the look of stone, pavers, and tile – even custom images and logos!

Perfect application for pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches, garage floors, basement floors, kitchen areas, restrooms, living areas and more. Useful for both exterior or interior! 100% CRACK PROOF options. The flexible penetration technology of this product never gets brittle over time and cures as tough as truck tires INSIDE the capillaries of your concrete. 1000’s of PERMANENT colorful chip combinations. Get the look of Granite or Quartz flooring on any surface!
epoxy concrete sidewalk
These products have over

Crack Resistant

Custom Designs


Slip Resistant

Fast Installations


99% Radon Elimination

Resists Moisture Vapor

Retains Negative Hydrostatic Pressure

Perfect for Interior

Perfect for Exterior Applications

Excellent for Commercial and Residential Applications

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finished concrete driveway

Graniflex Flakes / Quartz Broadcast System

You can guarantee unmatched performance in endless application environments. Combining these products and the decor of polymer flakes, color quartz, color micas, or sand, our ultimate coatings stand strong against the elements while providing an attractive, custom designed UV resistant surface.