General FAQs

Do you feel comfortable replacing your roof? If not, the same answer applies to this question. The details are very important when applying stain or adding epoxy to a concrete floor, which means the outcome could be messy if not done properly. First off, a 2,000-pound grinder will need to be used for the project. Plugging this into an outlet in your home could cause serious electrical issues. Each different stain is applied to the concrete in a different manner. The goal of such a project is to make sure the stain adheres properly to the concrete so it does not fade. For more in depth information you can visit our regularly updated concrete blog.

The Concrete Guy, based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, guarantees the best finishes and quality concrete flooring services. We have mastered the customer experience in our more than 100 years of experience in the construction and flooring industries. We utilize a personal approach to every project.

Yes, we work with all of our customers to ensure that the outcome of their project is exactly what you need. Whether you know exactly what you want or aren’t quite sure how you want your floors to look, we can customize the project to fit your needs.
The Concrete Guy is determined to assist our customers with any type of flooring issue they might have. This includes large or small cracks in concrete. We can also repair discolored or spalling concrete.
Yes, we can remove old coatings on your concrete floors. We can also remove glue mastic and thinset.

We serve the Eden Prairie, Minnesota area as well as Edina, Maple Grove, Woodbury, Lakeville, Wayzata, and the rest of Minnesota.

Yes, typically we require a 50% deposit.
Usually we are able to accomodate a new job within 3 weeks.
Yes! We can make regular concrete floors look just like wood if you want. We can also make them look like the stars in the galaxy, or make them anti-static or even antimicrobial and FDA approved.
The Concrete Guy has a team of professionals who are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We leave all of our workspaces clean at the end of the day and do a more thorough clean at the completion of the project.
Yes, we offer a warranty on select floors. We also have to do a full evaluation of the concrete slab and condition including any moisture issues within the concrete substrate.

Epoxy FAQs

If you opt for epoxy from a home improvement store or a painter, it won’t last too long. If you have a 100% industrial epoxy floor installed by the Concrete Guy, you can expect it to last a lifetime.

Here are a few benefits of epoxy flooring:

  • These floors are antimicrobial, that’s why you’ll see the same industrial grade floors in schools, manufacturing plants, and commercial kitchens
  • Epoxy garage systems can be self-leveling, providing a floor that is 100% level. So even if your floor is having issues with deterioration, like so many in the Minnesota, we can make your garage floor look like new. Although we may haveto do an overlay.
  • Epoxy garage floors that are installed properly are durable and strong
  • The aesthetics can be anything you wish, including glitter, metallic, and flake finishes
  • Epoxy floors are kind on the environment
  • Epoxy floors require very little maintenance

An epoxy floor can be installed in any of the following locations and then some:

  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Cafeterias
  • Hotels
  • Lobbies
  • Showrooms
  • Industrial Plants
  • Homes
  • Kitchens
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Garages
  • Patios
  • Homes
  • Retail and Shopping Centers
  • Gyms
  • Nuclear plants

When you use epoxy from a home improvement store or a painter it will only last for a little while. Epoxy flooring systems from The Concrete Guy will last a lifetime. Why? Because we only install 100% epoxy and we prep the flooring with an industrial diamond grinding machine. We don’t make promises that we can’t keep. 

This is a challenging question to answer because the timing varies based on the situation. For example, a floor that needs a lot of prep work cannot be completed in one day. Most flooring installs require two to three days to complete. However, you can walk on the floor after 24 hours have passed.

We can apply an anti-slip coating to the epoxy floor system installed at your home.
An epoxy floor with a single color can start at $5 per square foot. The options you choose can increase the price range to $12-$15 per square foot for an epoxy floor system.

Concrete Staining FAQs

Acid stain

Acid stain is the oldest option when it comes to finishing concrete and is very durable. In fact, an acid stain is so durable that it is the most-often recommended concrete staining option for concrete that is outdoors because it can survive the harmful rays of the sun.

Water-based stains

A water-based stain will be able to provide you with the exact color finish you are looking for with your concrete. This type of stain is perfect for companies that want to have their logo with different colors in it added to the concrete floor. Even though these stains are right for the job, they should not be applied to concrete that is outside.

Concrete dye

Concrete dye is most often used to tint a polished concrete slab. These dyes are not safe from the UV rays of the sun, which means they cannot be used on concrete outdoors. When using a concrete dye you should install it with a high-quality concrete sealer so that it does not fade in areas with a lot of foot or vehicle traffic.

Stained Concrete floors are very durable floors.  Staining permeates the concrete and infuses it with a colored pigment, bringing out the natural colors of the concrete of your choosing. Many times a stained concrete floor is sealed on top of the stain. However, stained concrete is not as durable as an epoxy floor.

Polished Concrete FAQs

There are lots of different grit levels to polished concrete. Generally polished concrete floors range from 200 grit to 1,200 grit. The level of reflectiveness and shine increases in order from lowest to highest. We are able to provide options that will best suite your needs from rustic to modern reflectiveness.

You can also use Concrete dye

Concrete dye is most often used to tint a polished concrete slab. These dyes are not safe from the UV rays of the sun, which means they cannot be used on concrete outdoors. When using a concrete dye you should install it with a high-quality concrete sealer so that it does not fade in areas with a lot of foot or vehicle traffic.

Yes, a stained concrete floor is as durable as a concrete floor that had an epoxy system installed.

Pool Deck FAQs

To name a few:

  • Natural concrete
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Colored concrete (broom finish, salt finish, others)
  • Acrylic lace coating
  • Acrylic stamp patterns
  • Limestone coatings
  • Flagstone coatings

Expertise in this industry is the best option. The tiniest mistake when installing or refinishing the surface of a pool deck can lead to irreversible damage to the deck. If you need inspiration, you can visit our pool deck gallery!

Every project is different based on the amount of prep work, the size of the deck, the materials needed, and the desired outcome of the customer. We cannot simply provide a finite number to answer this question. It’s best to call us and schedule an estimate for your project.

There are many options available today, but some of the most common include the following:

  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Concrete overlays
  • Staining
  • Stone
We are able to provide a warranty that is dependent on the product being used and the condition of the pool deck surface.

Pool Deck Resurfacing is a common process that includes the following:

  • Grinding
  • Repairs
  • Appearance improvements

Doing this to the pool deck gives it a brand new look.

Metallic poxy

Why Choose The Concrete Guy?

The Concrete Guy team prides itself on providing our customers with superior customer service. The satisfaction of our customers is our ultimate goal. Whether you want to resurface your pool deck, finish your concrete driveway, or install an epoxy flooring system in your basement; our team will make sure that your vision is met with the final outcome.

When you are looking for concrete finishing work, look no further than the team at the Concrete Guy. We have been working in the construction and flooring industries for decades. We serve the Eden Prairie and surrounding areas, including Edina, Maple Grove, Woodbury, Lakeville, Wayzata, St Paul, Minneapolis, the twin cities and the rest of Minnesota.