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How to Use Self-Leveling Epoxy

How to Use Self-Leveling Epoxy
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Are your concrete floors cracking more often lately? Maybe the cracks are growing, and pieces of concrete are starting to come up. You may have heard of self-leveling epoxy and have wondered what it is used for? Well, it’s to rescue the concrete floors that are damaged.

What Is Self-Leveling Epoxy?

Self-leveling epoxy is designed to fill in cracks and chipped areas to create a smooth surface. It can be a money-saver when trying to repair your concrete floor. It provides all the same benefits of an epoxy floor coating and is low-maintenance.

Where to Apply?

This type of epoxy floor coating is perfect for high-traffic areas that need a durable surface. Those places include:

  • Athletic fitness centers
  • Commercial kitchens and garages
  • Manufacturers and warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Showrooms
  • Aircraft hangars

Benefits of Self-Leveling Epoxy Flooring

There are numerous benefits to using self-leveling epoxy floor coating. No matter where it’s used, people will sing the praises of this type of floor coating.


The strength and durability of epoxy flooring are above and beyond. It is perfect for high-performance areas because it can take impact and weight easily. It also adds to the life of your concrete flooring, by as much as 20 years!

Chemical Resistant

For pharmaceutical facilities, labs, and other environments that use chemicals regularly, epoxy is a lifesaver. Not only do chemicals not effect the floor, but it is also waterproof and mold-proof. Of course, we don’t recommend just casually pouring anything onto the floor. But if you spill something and clean it up right away, your floor will last a long time.

Easy Clean-Up

With a dry/wet mop, cleaning is effortless. It takes just a few minutes to get everything up and go on with your day safely.

Slip Resistance

An epoxy floor coating is shiny and lustrous yet not slippery at all. It adds just the right amount of grip to keep you upright. It is even safe to walk on when wet!

Looks Beautiful

Speaking of shine, epoxy has a high-gloss look that brings out the room. Even in the roughest environments, the floors look fantastic.

Versatile Application

Self-leveling epoxy can be used with other epoxies to make exciting and unique designs. Give your showroom a special look by layering colors to create a new look. Put your favorite football team logo on your garage floor. The possibilities are endless if you have an idea.


Minnesotans know that the cold, harsh weather can be damaging to our concrete floors. So the next time you notice a crack or some chipping, give The Concrete Guy a call. We will happily talk to you about self-leveling epoxy and other options to make your floor look fantastic.

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