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The 8 Benefits Of A Polished Concrete Garage Floor

The 8 Benefits Of A Polished Concrete Garage Floor
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Many folks don’t think much of their garage floor until it’s in dire need of repair. Cost is often a deciding factor to repairs or a remodel of the concrete floor. It is important to also consider the benefits of going a step further and choosing polished concrete. Before you make any decision, here is our list of 8 benefits of polished concrete garage floors.

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No Real Safety Hazards

Polished concrete sounds like an extensive job that comes with health concerns. Fortunately, that is not the case. Depending on the size of the garage, it can be completed in a few hours to a couple of days. The concrete floors are not treated with any abrasive chemicals and ventilation is as easy as an open window and door.

Polished Concrete Flooring Is Stain Resistant

Concrete is a porous material and easily absorbs stains. The resin used in epoxy flooring fills those pores and keeps the stains out. When refinishing a concrete garage floor, it is hard to get rid of old stains and can be hidden by color and design options.

Minimal Disruption To Daily Living

Anytime a garage owner considers a polished concrete floor, the concern is how much disruption to their daily life is involved. Epoxy floors can be finished within a few hours to a couple of days. It will depend on the size of the garage floor and the extent of preparation needed.

Adds To Garage Lighting

Polished concrete floors are reflective enough to add to the lighting of the garage. Business owners will be left with a fresh and clean look to their garage. Homeowners will enjoy the beauty of their garage floor.

Normal Wear & Tear Is Reduced

An unpolished concrete floor has a lot of wear and tear to it that is highly noticeable. With a polished concrete garage floor, that is reduced significantly. The garage flooring becomes more durable and resistant to the weight of vehicles and heavy items dropped onto the floor.

cost effective maintenance

Maintenance Is Cost-Effective

The care for polished concrete garage floors is easy on the wallet and your time. A quick mop to chemical spills will be sufficient to avoid damage. At the same time, polished concrete is stain-resistant and can withstand some harsh chemicals that would destroy a simple concrete floor.

LEED Compliant & VOC-Free

Most of the epoxy coating sold on the market is low, or free of, volatile organic compounds. This means that they are LEED compliant, an important factor for any flooring solution. LEED compliance is an integral part of our business as we want to see sustainable flooring in garages here at home.

Many Beautiful Options

Polishing a concrete slab does not mean you are limited to a grey color in your garage. You can add your own flair by choosing a unique color or design. Businesses are known to add logos to their polished floors. Homeowners might show their appreciation to their favorite sports team in their garage.

We Are Ready

When you make the decision to remodel the garage, let us help you choose the right flooring solution. The Concrete Guy has plenty of experience in polishing concrete and can customize the project to your needs. Call us today!

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