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Graniflex Concrete Overlays Are Your Everything

Graniflex Concrete Overlays Are Your Everything
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The concrete overlays used in many homes and commercial buildings today are often heavy and difficult to install. Graniflex Concrete Overlays are the ultimate solution to this problem when it pertains to outdoor concrete floor coatings. Graniflex concrete overlays are lightweight, cost-effective (they compare favorably with other concrete overlays), and offer superior quality construction compared to other alternatives. 

With Graniflex Concrete Overlays, you can add a stunning, seamless, and modern look to any home or commercial building without sacrificing your budget or time. 

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What Is Graniflex?

Graniflex is a durable, flexible, and ornamental coating technology. It is mostly used for floors that require an extra layer of protection or beautification. By protecting the application surface with Sani-Tred products and embellishing it with polymer flakes, quartz, or sand, the Graniflex System creates a slip-resistant, highly crack-resistant covering.

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Wide Range Of Applications

Graniflex can be applied both indoors and outdoor. It has a wide range of stunning applications and design possibilities for all of your indoor flooring requirements.

Concrete patios: Graniflex is a lightweight, water-repellant concrete surface for patio designs. It has a very low coefficient of friction, minimizing the chance of slipping and sliding.

Pool decks: Graniflex for pool decks is a vinyl overlay designed to be used over and under the existing decking. It is also known as pool deck vinyl. It’s one of the most common and affordable types of vinyl in the market.

Driveways: Graniflex is a rain- and snow-proof product that also helps with the general maintenance of your driveway. It’s created specifically to prevent frost build-up and ice dams. And yes! It is strong enough to withstand the weight.

Sidewalks: Graniflex is a compact, affordable, and environmentally friendly solution for concrete sidewalks.

Kitchen: The flooring solution can be applied to the kitchen and maintains its awesome finish for years. It is easy to use, so no matter what surface you’re working on, Graniflex will look great!

Bathrooms: Graniflex reduces the risk of slipping in the bathroom due to its flaky texture. The concrete offers a sleek, non-slip finish that will never stick to the walls and fixtures in your bathroom.

Living areas: Graniflex concrete is a versatile product that you can use in many different applications. It is an open-celled concrete that is waterproof and also can drain well.

It Offers Permanent Durability

With a large amount of concrete being used in different commercial projects, it’s essential to understand the most sustainable and long-lasting types of concrete

One of the most popular choices is Graniflex concrete. This type of concrete has been known for its durability and longevity for years due to its special structure. Although the specific chemical additives in Graniflex concrete have been studied extensively and are proven to last longer than basic flooring.

Perfect For Minnesota Weather

Minnesota winters can be brutal. Cracking, freezing, snowing, and ice storms can take a toll your property. Filling in your driveway? That would be a piece of cake if the concrete were hard enough to withstand the freezing temperatures. But it’s not always that easy. 

When Minnesota averages more than 30 inches of snow per year, it can be difficult to sand and prep your driveway before you start work. Graniflex concrete is perfect for Minnesota weather because it’s nice and soft, so it’s easy enough to sand and prepare for winter concrete prep.

An Investment That Saves You Money Over Time

Did you know that having decorative concrete applied to the exterior of your home or business can raise the value of the property? Not only does it raise the value but it also saves you the cost of changing your flooring too often due to wear and tear.

When it comes to decorative elements, concrete is gradually becoming a highly popular and trusted material. With its low cost and versatility, it might be an excellent alternative for improving the appearance of your home. 

Concreting enables a wide range of colors and textures to be used in designs while maintaining a consistent look and feel.

How We Can Help You

It is critical to choose a team of specialists familiar with the correct processes and techniques to ensure that your concrete will last for years to come. 

The Concrete Guy utilizes different concrete mixtures for different tasks to ensure that each job is completed following the appropriate guidelines. We stay in touch with all of our clients to ensure that our work is held accountable and that we are also able to deliver a one-time and thorough result.

Send us a message today and let us help you make your house a home.

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