How Much Does Garage Floor Coating Cost?

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A beautiful garage floor is one of the desires of every homeowner. As exciting as upgrading a garage floor can be, there’s always a concern about the cost. Many homeowners are often curious about how much garage floor coating costs. The cost of garage coating is often influenced by the size of the garage, the […]

Attractive Everlasting Waterproof Garage Flooring Done Right

Epoxy Garage Floor

Did you know that more homeowners are beautifying their garages? It may be where the car is parked and holiday decorations are stored. But, decorating your garage is one way to enjoy the space more. However, beautifying the garage floor can also include waterproofing it. Doing this adds so much more to your garage; you […]

When is it Time To Resurface Your Garage Floor?

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A garage floor withstands the worst of the endless parade of vehicles, equipment, pets, and people that stomp over its surface for years. This constant abuse will eventually lead to a garage floor that is damaged, stained, worn, or ugly. However, it doesn’t have to remain in this condition. Garage floor resurfacing is a viable option for […]

The 8 Benefits Of A Polished Concrete Garage Floor

benefits of polished garage floor

Many folks don’t think much of their garage floor until it’s in dire need of repair. Cost is often a deciding factor to repairs or a remodel of the concrete floor. It is important to also consider the benefits of going a step further and choosing polished concrete. Before you make any decision, here is […]

How to Use Self-Leveling Epoxy

Are your concrete floors cracking more often lately? Maybe the cracks are growing, and pieces of concrete are starting to come up. You may have heard of self-leveling epoxy and have wondered what it is used for? Well, it’s to rescue the concrete floors that are damaged. What Is Self-Leveling Epoxy? Self-leveling epoxy is designed […]

The Difference Between a Full Epoxy Flake Broadcast and Partial broadcast

The Difference Between a Full Epoxy Flake Broadcast and Partial broadcast

The epoxy flake full broadcast (or a “full broadcast”) is commonly considered the best method for applying epoxy flakes so they are smooth across the epoxy floor. This method of application involves broadcasting epoxy over a wet base coat using flaked epoxy until there is no more of the base, then scraping and vacuuming up […]

What Is Polished Concrete and Why You’ll Love It

polished concrete with light reflection

Polished concrete is an attractive, shiny, tough, easy to clean flooring that gives you a long lasting chip, dent, and skid-resistant finish.  As a company that has polished hundreds of floors, we can speak to the reasons why polished concrete is better, and more environmentally friendly than almost any other flooring system out there.  Unlike […]

What Are The Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings?

Benefits of Garage Epoxy Floors

Epoxy garage floor coatings are a novel idea that’s been developed more and more over time. In the past, floor mats, rugs, pressure washing or rubber were put on top of garage floors to make them more appealing. Many homeowners pressure washed there floors multiple times a year or even used garage floor paint. The […]