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What Are The Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings?

What Are The Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings
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Epoxy garage floor coatings are a novel idea that’s been developed more and more over time. In the past, floor mats, rugs, pressure washing or rubber were put on top of garage floors to make them more appealing. Many homeowners pressure washed there floors multiple times a year or even used garage floor paint. The problem with all of these solutions is that they really caused more of a headache then benefit.

Over time all of the different solutions still lead to having to redo the floor every few years or even every year. If t gets hot in the summer and you drive around all day, you’re tires will get hot as well. And when your tires get hot and you drive over garage floor paint or even a poorly applied epoxy that comes from one of the big box stores, it will peal. Then you’ve left with the same mess all over again, a deteriorating floor that becomes an eyesore for the entire house. Fast forward many many years and the chemical compounds in epoxy have been developed enough that when applied by an experienced installer, they can last a lifetime. Many homeowners will still ask..

Why Should I Get An Epoxy Garage Floor?

  1. Getting an epoxy garage floor is up to you. It probably falls into the luxury item class but it is affordable when you consider how durable it is. studies have also shown that epoxy floors raise home values because it shows that the homeowner cares about there home. 

Benefits Of An Epoxy Garage Floor:

  1. Hard wearing floors that will give your concrete slab a longer life.
  2. Chemical and slip resistant. (Don’t go testing this by letting oil sit on your floor for a year, but they’re pretty darn tough.)
  3. Cost effective over the lifetime of the floor.
  4. They look amazing and immediately change the entire feeling of your garage.
  5. Proven to increase home value.
The real X Factor is that you just don’t haveto worry about your garage anymore. Once you have a beautiful epoxy garage floor coating, they are built to last.
granite flake epoxy garage
garage resurfacing and coating

What Is An Epoxy Garage Floor?

An epoxy garage floor is a coating, not a paint. It gets applied to concrete after the concrete is grinded down using an industrial grinding machine with diamond blades. (if it’s done the right way).

This is because the concrete has to be porous enough to accept the epoxy system. Once the concrete is grinded down and all of the cracks, patching and pitting is repaired, the epoxy primer coat is applied to the concrete. Next, vinyl flakes are broadcast into the epoxy floor. After drying again, a clear topcoat is applied to the floor to seal it.

The benefits of having a thorough process like this is that the floor becomes one of the toughest and most durable finishes that you can have on a garage floor today. Epoxy coatings are also great because you can add different pigments and flake to customize them to look however you want. You can even add a logo stencil into the floor if you want. Not only does the epoxy coating protect your garage floor, it can instantly transform your grey deteriorating cement into a professional looking floor of style and function. 

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings By The Concrete Guy

In Minnesota, lots of floors have decayed from different elements in our air. Salt deteriorates concrete and many of our customers come to us with severely damaged floors. Some of them are beyond repair and require a new pour. However, we’re happy to look at your floors for you and we’re really great at doing concrete resurfacing and repairs prior to applying an epoxy coating. If you’re interested in a new garage floor coating, we service all of Minnesota and are happy to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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