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Top 5 Reasons Urethane Floor Coating Is A Great Option For Commercial Spaces

Top 5 Reasons Urethane Floor Coating Is A Great Option For Commercial Spaces
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Urethane floor coating is the most popular choice for high traffic commercial areas that need to withstand abuse. It’s important to understand what Urethane floor coating is because it’s very different from polyurethane which is typically applied over wood floors. Urethane floor coatings are similar in chemical makeup to epoxy but work better for very large high traffic surfaces. flooring because it can provide long-lasting, durable, high performance, and protection against moisture and dirt. Urethane coatings can have broadcasts and top coats to make them more durable and fit the needs of the floor. An example of a urethane additive would be flakes or sand mortar. Urethane systems typically have a moisture barrier as a first coat, a urethane coat followed by another coat and finally a top coat. Based on budget and needs coats can be added or subtracted to get the perfect floor that accomplished the desired effect.  

What Is Urethane Floor Coating?

Urethane is a highly durable, water-repellent, non-stick coating used for high traffic areas and commercial spaces. This modern floor coating is generally applied on industrial grade floors and is not typically used in homes or garages, garages, and commercial properties.  Urethane is excellent for the environment; it’s more expensive than its competitors, such as latex paints.

Where is a urethane floor coating typically applied?

  •  Airplane & Military Hangar Floors
  •  Forklift traffic areas 
  •  Heavy Industrial Manufacturing areas
  •  Pharmaceutical Floors
  •  Vehicle Assembly & Service areas
  •  Healthcare & Veterinary as topcoat over resinous flooring
  •  more


Why choose urethane over epoxy flooring for a commercial space?

Urethane is different from epoxy flooring because it is UV resistant and does not yellow with exposure to sunlight whereas epoxy can yellow and fade with light exposure. The primary drawback with urethane vs epoxy commercial coatings is that urethane may not bond as tightly to concrete as epoxy does. Urethane has a thin surface film that makes it harder to apply to small cracks and similar surfaces so based on the situation, it may take more time to properly install a urethane floor coating. 

Urethane Floor Coating Traits

  • Resists development of traffic patterns & finish dulling
  • Excellent rolling load resistance to forklift traffic
  • Improves light reflectivity
  • Easy to clean 
  • Chemical resistant to most alcohols, caustics, fuels, oils and solvents
  • Meets FDA Food Code – Physical Facilities 6-101.11 Surface Characteristics.  Not tested for CFR 21 Direct Food Contact.
  • Overnight return to service

Protects Your Floor The Best

Polyurethane protects floors from water, but it protects them from damage from chemicals, solvents, and oils. Polyurethane has high chemical-resistant capabilities. It’s also environmentally friendly because it’s biodegradable and recyclable. Polyurethane is also resistant to mold and mildew, so it’s easy to keep your floor looking clean without the hassle of using expensive chemicals or synthetic cleaners.

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Unmatched Versatility

Urethane coatings have a wide range of solid color finishes are offered in , from gloss to matte/flat. Urethane coatings can also be applied in various textures and colors. 

Urethane Epoxy Floor Coatings

A Safe Applicant

Although urethane floor coatings are toxic, they are safe once they are cured. When hiring a professional to apply the coating, they know how to take necessary precautions to keep themselves safe. Once your floor is cured and done, you won’t have to worry about employees or customers on the floor. We never recommend doing it yourself, a professional will get it done the right way and quickly.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Urethane coatings can enhance substrates’ natural beauty and appeal. Aliphatic urethanes can create wet or mirror-like surfaces in solid colors and metallics. They work well in commercial hangers and have a clean look to them. The more coatings that are applied, the more solid the floor will look and the less imperfections in the underlying concrete will show through.

How We Can Help You

Consider urethane coatings if you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of a urethane finish. The urethane coatings at The Concrete Guy come in a wide range of colors and can meet all your heavy-traffic requirements. This coating can also be applied in school floors or medical facilities. Call us today to learn more about these beautiful finishes!

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