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Guide To Maintaining Stained Concrete Floors

Guide To Maintaining Stained Concrete Floors
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The condition of your floor says a lot about your home or business. There are some easy ways to maintain concrete floors which start right after they are finished. Most issues occur with concrete stains soon after they are installed. Here’s what we recommend:

Stained Concrete Floor Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than getting your nice, new flooring all scuffed and scratched up. Avoid this by following our advice below:

  1. Always wear smooth shoes right after a job is completed. Carrying heavy machinery, moving furniture, or wearing heels on a freshly stained floor can lead to imperfections
  2. Use protective gear such as masks in addition to gloves
  3. Don’t wash the floor with acidic materials
  4. Don’t drive over the floor within 72 hours after completion

Need Advice On Stained Concrete Floors? 

The Concrete Guy Has You Covered

Similar to maintaining polished concrete, It can be tempting to fix scuff and scratch marks by yourself but it can backfire without the right machinery and diamond tooling. While most people think they are saving money through DIY, it’s actually not cost-effective if you think long term. Cutting corners leads to poor work execution and improper application which requires a do-over a few years in the future.

Hire the professionals at the Concrete guy to assess the situation and employ effective solutions. Our teams at The Concrete Guy understand flooring solutions in Minnesota and are ready to partner with you. We have a crew of experienced concrete stain experts who can install new floors and provide quality repair services for your floors anytime. Contact us for a free consultation.

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