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The Difference Between a Full Epoxy Flake Broadcast and Partial broadcast

The Difference Between a Full Epoxy Flake Broadcast and Partial broadcast
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The epoxy flake full broadcast (or a “full broadcast”) is commonly considered the best method for applying epoxy flakes so they are smooth across the epoxy floor. This method of application involves broadcasting epoxy over a wet base coat using flaked epoxy until there is no more of the base, then scraping and vacuuming up the excess epoxy before adding the topcoat.

However, not all epoxies are suitable for this treatment and some require special techniques to make sure they cure properly.

When should you do it? The flakes help to protect the floor and provide a full layer of protection. It also just looks better when there is a full epoxy flake broadcast compared to a partial broadcast.

How We Apply A Full Epoxy Flake Broadcast?

To perform a full epoxy broadcast, we simply pour some flakes into one hand then toss it onto the base coat dispersing it evenly over the wet surface. When epoxy flake is first introduced to the epoxy paint, it floats on top of the epoxy and makes it look uneven. It will eventually settle in and spread out even though epoxy flakes are heavier than water they float over a good portion of the surface before sinking to their final resting place. 

Scrape The Flakes After The Epoxy Starts Rejecting Them

Part of the epoxy flake broadcast process is removing excess epoxy flakes. The goal is to throw enough epoxy flakes on the floor that the epoxy base coat is entirely covered and there is nothing left for the flakes to stick to. To do this we use a squeegee to scrape epoxy off the floor, pulling the flakes off the edge and into a bucket making sure not to pull too much epoxy out with the flakes causing dips in your epoxy coating.

The final step in the process requires vacuuming up all of the loose epoxy once it has settled we apply the topcoat. What you want to see before applying your topcoat is little to no epoxy floating on top of the flakes.

Call The Concrete Guy For A Full Epoxy Flake Broadcast Floor

We’ve talked about the difference between a full epoxy flake broadcast and partial broadcast, how we apply a full epoxy flake broadcast, and what you can do to scrape flakes off your floor after the epoxy starts rejecting them. Now it is time for us to wrap up this blog post with some final thoughts on our topic. If you are looking for an Epoxy Flake Floor from The Concrete Guy, contact us today!

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